Rain, Canoes, and Plovers

It has been a pretty crappy weather week. We aren’t allowed to monitor the birds during any kind of precipitation, even a slight sprinkle; it stresses out the plovers and keeps them off their nests when they should be sitting on them. It’s frustrating when it’s bad weather, it costs me money. We ended up getting a late start today due to rain and even thought about not going out at all, but there was a break in the rain so our crew split up. Me and two other girls went to a site called cottonwood to nest search, while the others went to other sites to search. We were expecting the road to cottonwood to have been washed out by the river, but we had a canoe and lifejackets with us, so it was just going to be fun! We weren’t expecting a long paddle, but it turned into quite the event. The other girls were a bit nervous about putting the canoe in, but I was ready to go! But its hard moving the canoe by myself. We got the canoe in the mighty Platte and paddled across safely. All that paddling in the Tetons prepared me for today, I was the only one who knew how to steer! We did our work and when we got back to the canoe the water had already risen a few feet, so we had to wade through a cold marsh to get back to the river. It was a fun adventure and we made it out without a scratch, just some soggy shoes.

IMG_6545 IMG_6549

I was also in charge on taking photos today while searching and re-sighting birds. Here are a couple of photos that turned out on the work camera.

IMG_6555 IMG_6554

If you can zoom in on the left pic you can see the little bird’s full band combination and number. That was my best picture!

We inputted data for the day and our boss got us pizza! So it turned out to be a good full day of work after all!


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