The House

The house that I live in overlooks a small lake area and some sandbars. The sandbars are one of our 7 plover nest sites that we monitor. The house has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 3 bedrooms have their own bathrooms, but since I got here late I share a bathroom with one other person. It’s ok though. And I get a cool room in the upstairs loft that overlooks the lake.

This is a frog i saw on the porch this morning. It was very strong and kept escaping from me.


Looking west at the house (that orange net is where the garden is) and you can kind of see the sandbar plover nest site.

IMG_6428 IMG_6429

View from the porch and looking east. (That window on the top left is my room).

IMG_6431 IMG_6433

Looking down the road from the house (east then west)

IMG_6435 IMG_6436

Walkway on the west side of the house and the really nice washer and dryer!

IMG_6437 IMG_6439

Living room and stairs leading up to my room and the office.

IMG_6440 IMG_6443

Upstairs where we do data entry. And the open door at the end is my room.

IMG_6445 IMG_6447

View from the office and my room.

IMG_6448 IMG_6449

More of my room and the kitchen. (you can’t see it, but there are two fridges. And at the end of the kitchen and to the left is the bathroom).

IMG_6450 IMG_6453


One thought on “The House

  1. Your blog is great. I’m glad you thought of it to keep us all in the news about you, your cool work and new surroundings.


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