Saturday #1

Today has been quiet around the house. It has been raining since early this morning. The winds have been howling most of the day, but I don’t think a tornado is likely. If there is a tornado, we have a bunker under the house that we can crawl into. It’s kind of neat! But my boss said that she has only physically seen 1 tornado close to the house since she’s been here (2009). But she has seen others in different parts of the state.


I went into Overton and bought a couple of things at an antique store.

I made a burrito and watched a movie with my coworkers.

A chair blew across our porch. Dad would like the lightning storm we had tonight. Lit up the whole sky! over and over again!

Those are the highlights from today. I ordered a cord online to upload photos off the camera, so hopefully that gets here soon so I can share those!


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